Our tips to win in 25 words or less

Know the company

First up, it’s important that you read the terms and conditions of the competition as this will offer full disclosure on how you will be judged. The next step is to scope out the company behind the competition. Take a visit to the Morris Journalism Academy’s website, check out our testimonials and understand what the course entails.  This will give you leverage when you make a direct reference to the prize on offer which will be sure to snag the attention of the judges.


Answer the question

Some people get so caught up in getting creative that they actually end up missing the point and forget to answer the question. Avoid this conundrum by answering first and getting imaginative second. Cover the basics – always dreamt of becoming a freelance travel writer?  Make sure that’s at the guts of your piece.


Think outside the box

Your entry is just one in a sea of wanna-be travel journalists. What’s going to make the judges pick you to win this full course scholarship? Humour, rhyme or even poetry have been proven to win the attention of the judges and the competition for that matter. Making the judges laugh rather than trying the sob story route, has a much higher success rate.  These competitions are all about feel good vibes – make sure you tap into that!


Provide legitimate details

Want to know if you are the winner of this amazing travel writing course? Then providing your real contact details is a must.  There’s the possibility of second round draws or that the judges might need further information from you. If you’re addicted to competitions, make sure your email address name is subtle enough to hide this from the judges as well!


Stick to the word limit

It’s important to be clever and concise with your entry. With a 25 word count, you need to make every word count! Less is definitely more when it comes to these comps so don’t get caught up in providing every piece of information about yourself and your travel journalism dreams. Going over the limit will just see your entry completely overlooked. Get smart with it and test your writing skills.