Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes to be a travel journalist?

What does it take to join this travel writing course and become a professional freelance travel journalist capable of handling any and all assignments? Apart from a command of the English language and a love of the world around you, the qualifications are simple and straightforward:

  • An interest in writing
  • Enthusiasm, imagination, curiosity and passion.
  • The willingness to learn

If you have these qualities, the Morris Journalism Academy will provide you with the professional skills required to be a successful travel writer.

You need not have any previous experience as a writer or in travel journalism. The course is specifically structured for students with no experience in the field at all. In fact the Academy, along with most editors and publishers, welcome beginning writers. The world is constantly in need of new material and new talent.

Immerse yourself in city life as part of your travel writing research.

Meet the demand for travel pieces

There is a big secret to becoming a successful travel writer. Here it is: finding success isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here’s another secret. The business of travel journalism is not always about award-winning writing, it’s also about competent writing.

Newspapers and magazines are constantly on the lookout for competent material, not necessarily literary masterpieces and almost every publication on the planet has a need for travel pieces.

Every freelance travel writer was once a complete beginner. Success in travel journalism and writing is very much a matter of knowing how to go about it.

Stated simply, this is a cutting edge new course and it is a revolution in online travel journalism training.

Many highly qualified and successful travel journalists, writers and photographers have contributed to this course to ensure you receive the latest information on what the industry wants and what is being accepted for publication and distribution. There may be a story waiting to be written as soon as you step out your back door.

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course has been designed to develop your individual travel writing skills. At the beginning of the course you are assigned a successful travel journalist as your tutor who will work with you as you proceed through your studies.

You will learn all this and more from people who know because they do it everyday.

Learn more about your working relationship with your specially assigned tutor here.

Reasons to take this travel journalism course

Your passion: If you have a deep interest in travel, why not turn this passion into profit? You can indulge your passion and get paid for doing what you enjoy, so why not?

Self-esteem: As a travel journalist and writer, you’ll discover you enjoy a special standing within the community. People are interested in what you do and wish they knew how to do it themselves.

Independence: You can work for yourself, you can usually determine your own working schedule and you can also choose the type of work that most interests you.

Profit: Freelance travel writers can be very well paid. At the same time, their trips will often be funded, their overheads are minuscule and they can work from anywhere in the world.