Your Guarantees

Study with assurance.

Our first guarantee is simple and straightforward. We do not accept students into this course unless we have a reasonable expectation that they are capable of completing the course.

However, if at the end of the course the Examining Board feels the Certificate of Completion should be withheld, the course will be extended at no cost. If, after a further period of tuition determined by your Tutor, you have still not reached a stage where the Certificate of Completion can be awarded, your course fees will be refunded in full. It is mutually agreed, however, you must complete the course and demonstrate reasonable effort throughout to be eligible for any refund.


We are also proud to offer you these other guarantees:

  1. 7-day Free Examination. You may examine the first tutorial for seven days. If you decide for any reason whatsoever not to proceed, simply email the Academy within this period for a full refund of any fees paid.

  2. We guarantee we’ll work with you to get your work published. If you are serious about seeing your work in the public domain; we’re serious about assisting you to achieve success.

  3. We’ll also continue working with you until you see your first payment. Certainly, you can expect to be well on the way towards being published by the end of this course but we’ll also continue to work with you until you receive your first payment, even if it takes a year!

Indulge your passion for travel and writing.

In constructing this course, the Morris Journalism Academy has created one of the few opportunities for those not currently involved in the travel writing industry to achieve success with a range of opportunities at their fingertips.

This course takes you through every aspect of the profession – from developing story ideas and turning them into the finished product, through to the business of selling what you have created.

Remember, you need no specialised skill or qualification to become a successful freelancer. All you need is the desire to succeed and success relies on knowing how to go about it.

We’ll show you how!

COVID-19 Update ×

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course is unaffected by COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions.

As a 100% online education provider, it’s still business as usual here for us at the Academy. Student services coordinators and tutors are working remotely and so you can expect the same high level of service as always. Please reach out, we'll be happy to assist you.

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Stay safe and healthy during these difficult times.