Your Award and Recognition

Your Certificate of Completion.

The Certificate of Completion for The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course is awarded to successful graduates of this course.

The practical knowledge and experience you will have acquired throughout this course is also of enormous importance. At the end of your course, you will have acquired a level of skill where you can take on any freelance travel journalism assignment you choose.

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course Certificate

Your Media Pass.

Upon completion, you can apply to receive the INS Media Pass. You may find this pass can open many doors for you. It clearly states your training as a travel writer and can prove to be a useful and important form of identification. Your pass is free.

The ID pass has a three year expiry, but graduates can purchase an updated pass when required.

In addition, you are automatically registered with our parent organisation, International News Syndicate (INS). This places you on our register of freelance writers.

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course Certificate

Develop a skill that can earn you money.

From the beginning of the course, you are learning how to analyse what makes good travel pieces, developing your own story ideas, editing them from first draft to finished copy, and working up to submitting them to newspapers, magazines and the many other lucrative markets for travel writing pieces.

The course is not only structured to teach you the techniques of successful travel journalists and writers, it’s also intended to get you published for your efforts. Stated simply, you’ll know how to write and sell your travel writing skills and work to the thousands of newspapers, magazines, websites and other businesses that have an interest in freelance travel material.

Further, you’ll know how to profit from all the other little-known but highly lucrative areas of freelance travel writing. For example, you’ll know how to develop and write material for the internet together with newsletters, and publicity material. You will be able to write for PR companies and tourist organisations, or create content for new markets, such as apps. You will also learn the latest digital journalism skills, how to use social media to market yourself, and so much more.

There is an insatiable demand for freelance travel material. 99% of magazines and newspapers have a regular travel section or supplement and some even rely heavily, if not exclusively, on freelance travel contributions.

When you know what the craft requires you will have a highly marketable skill which you can use to ensure your success in writing about your travels.

As you’ll discover, freelance travel writing offers a unique opportunity for work independence and, at the same time, the chance to flex your creativity and indulge your passion.

Travel writing is undeniably a lot of fun and it can also bring you widespread recognition, perhaps even fame and fortune. You don’t require a university degree or other academic qualifications. Once you complete the course you will have a highly profitable and enjoyable skill.

There is also the quiet but undeniable pleasure of seeing your name and material in print. You’ll also discover that being a freelance writer gives you flexibility and the very nature of your work also puts you in contact with endless people of interest and can take you to some of the most amazing places around the world.

Freelance travel writing is an adventure limited only by your own ambition and interest – qualities which will be further developed throughout the course.