Destiny travel writer start your travel journal

Trip Planner

Writing in your journal before you leave is the perfect place to begin your adventure and your potential article ideas.  Jot down your expectations of your destination – the things you’d like to do, the places you’d like to see and restaurants you’d like to eat at. Capturing your research and important contacts within its pages will ensure your journal is the go-to book for article ideas.

Write during your trip

It’s a good idea to make time to write in your journal as you go.  It’s always easier to remember details when they are fresh in your head.  Your entries don’t have to be long, they just have to be sufficient enough to trigger an experience when you are ready to expand your travel writing.  If you can’t write on the go, make it a priority to write before you go to bed for the day.


Find your theme

Unearthing the true spirit of a destination will often provide a theme to your travel journal writing.  Describe the locals – people are always at the heart of every good piece. Treat your entry as if it were a travel guide to your friends – what would you recommend and why?  What would you tell them to avoid?

Get down the details

Another idea for your travel journal writing is to ensure you describe your destination with sensory details.  Use all your five senses to capture the true essence of a location.  Think about how you felt, the aromas, the sounds and tastes.  This technique will make your experience come to life tempting your readers to follow in your footsteps.