The best travel blogs on the web this month

A Luxury Travel Blog

As its title alludes, A Luxury Travel Blog attracts a readership of “those who enjoy the finer things in life”.  Dr Paul Johnson, along with his team of more than 500 travel writers, are dedicated to providing information on luxury hotels, restaurants and travel options. Racking up some several hundreds of thousands likes and followers on social media, it could be considered one the most popular travel blogs.


Nomadic Matt

On a mission to solve the travel questions of his readership, Matt offers tried and tested tips and advice. The difference with this travel writing blog? Matt and his team of guest bloggers proudly pay their own way. Not afraid of a shoestring budget, these travel writers are determined to do it the way their readers expect to travel.


Intelligent Travel

National Geographic’s travel blog, Intelligent Travel, is a collation of worldly contributions that put the reader on the front line of travel. These travel writers are all about taking the reader on a ride and the combination of this wholesome writing with exquisite photography really captures an audience.


Solo Traveler

As the name suggests, Solo Traveler is a source of information for those who want to travel the world independently.  Providing solo travel stories, tips, recommendations and reviews, Solo Traveler is the one-stop destination for those who prefer to travel alone.


Two Monkeys Travel Group

Offering a unique blend of adventure meets luxury, Two Monkeys Travel Group offers inspiration, resources and a community base for those interested in a sustainable travel lifestyle. With the use of a forum, Two Monkeys Travel Group allows fellow travellers to come together and inspire each other.



A community of travel writers, Traveldudes is a platform for travellers by travellers. With firsthand experiences, this form of travel writing is designed to inspire and inform. As the spot for resources, Traveldudes hope to enhance the adventure of each fellow traveller.


The Blonde Abroad by Kiersten

Leaving her career in corporate finance at the departure lounge, Kiersten is now a world traveller, ticking adventures of her bucket list left, right and centre and inspiring others to do the same. The Blonde Abroad delivers a fresh take on destinations with a constant reminder not to take life too serious and ‘settle for nothing less than extraordinary’.


48 Hour Adventure

Focused on short-term travel, the team behind 48 hour Adventure are dedicated to showing their readers they can have it all – work, family, a mortgage – and still fit in some amazing travel. Providing an itinerary on where to eat and what to see when you are short of time, this blog is keeping it real for the average reader.



Travel couple, Laura Duntson and Terence Carter capture the essence of the each destination they visit by slowing down and living like the locals. Their goal, to make travel more meaningful and memorable for themselves and their followers. Terence’s photos and the couples travelling writing have featured in countless publications.

Inside the Travel Lab

Abigail King, the travel writer behind Inside the Travel Lab, left her role as a doctor for the open road. Also a photographer, Abigail seeks to unearth the unusual travel and capture it with her camera and her quality travel writing. She provides a thoughtful, different angle and take on destinations.